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Thursday, 27 May 2010

New SOLAR POWERED interactive centre takes shape at Baikal Wave

Work has already begun to convert the Baikal Wave's former library into an interactive centre on renewable energy, which will be powered by Solar energy.

Upon completion, the centre will provide a valuable resource for the community. As a long standing supporter and advocate of the international Eco-Schools program, Baikal Wave hopes that there will be many school trips to the centre in order to enthuse the next generation to take steps to ensure a healthy and sustainable future.

As aforementioned, the centre will be powered by solar panels, which have been installed just below the office's balcony, and will feed the suns energy into an accumulator, which will be clearly visible in the centre. Amongst many other interactive activities, there will be a stand where visitors will be encouraged to create their own energy using a specially formulated bicycle.

(Solar panels)


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